About us

We found TEAC Ltd. (Telecommunication Access Consulting) in 1994. We have several aims as offering modern future-oriented solutions to the users in the access level with new transmission technical equipment, advancing the Hungarian telecommunications more dynamical progress with it.

Other activities

Our company also made steps forward to enhance our activities with IT skills, with which we make front-end and back-end development using HTML, PHP, JS, JAVA, C++, SQL, ABAP a programming, respectively markup languages. We provide tests of complete systems with experts, who have ISTQB certificate. We are ready to make SRS specifications and other technical documentations..

We have been holding Telecom and IT trainings and presentations in Hungarian, German and English languages. On demand we can interpret on presentations or other events, make document translation or other translations into/from German English or Hungarian..

Reference works

MATÁV (Magyar Telekom) reference works

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  • „ATFR02 workstations” enlarging
  • Hardware and software development and set up for the automatically „waiting sound transmission”
  • Modernization of operator workstations
  • Centralization of the national telex network to one center
    1. - Debrecen
    2. - Eger
    3. - Kecskemét
    4. - Miskolc
    5. - Szombathely

  • Racionalization of national telegraph network
  • Participation in the forming of OTFR (National telegram receiving system)
  • Practicability dissertation of DÉDÁSZ datanetwork
  • ATM planning at Budapest Ferenc center
  • Delivery of Nortel ARN pathchoosers
  • Load change at cable organizing at Zugló and Lipót centers

MÁV reference works

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  • Participation in the extension of „Rail Taxi” radio system
  • Dispatcher system at Budapest-Hegyeshalom transmission technique section
  • Measuring and test of MÁV’s analog datanetwork instrument
  • Extension system plans
  • Making of telephone network development conception
  • Improvement of MÁV directional and information network
  • SDH,ATM dissertation (Püspökladány,Komárom)
  • Wireless communication and secure equipment (Nagydorog)
  • MÁV extension dissertation
  • GIR/MHR running conception
  • ALCATEL-SIEMENS PDH/SDH install to MÁV network
  • Dissertation about price calculation of a telecommunication product
  • Y2K tests of SAGEM centers
  • Making of MÁV’s intranet development, fire-protection and air-conditioning systemplan
  • Making systemplan for Máv’s WEB telephonebooksystem (ETEL)
  • Datanetwork connection planning and forming for MÁV Hitrail
  • Estabilishment of TEBGK register database
  • Database programming and development
  • Computer supported Railway Traffic Information System

PanTel (Invitel) reference works

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  • Microwave see over tests at the subscriber domain
  • Pre-test of Business-Offices optical or micro-link connection
  • Migration of ADSL modems in school network
  • Programming of Routers in network

Optical digital system references

Starting up

  • MÁV Szeged- Békéscsaba PDH, SDH section
  • DÉMÁSZ Szeged - Orosháza – Békéscsaba section
  • NBH (National Security Office) optical system
  • PanTel Rt. optical multiplexer
  • GTS Kft. optical multiplexer
  • Budapest Bank Rt. multiplexer
  • MVM Rt. optical sections
  • Planning and starting up of the UAE’s optical systems Alcatel SDH equipment


  • Maintenance of the primer and optical multiplexers at the MÁV Szeged–Hódmezovásárhely–Orosháza-Békéscsaba section
  • Maintenance of the pimer and optical multiplexers at the MÁV Szeged-Szentes section
  • Maintenance of the primer and optical multiplexers at the DÉMÁSZ Szeged - Orosháza – Békéscsaba section
  • Maintenance of the multiplexers at the MVM Százhalombatta-Gyor optical section
  • Maintenance of the multiplexers at the MVM-ERBE optical section
  • Upkeep of the Austrian Railways Telecom Service (ÖBBTEL) DWDM and SHD system at the hungarian section

Participation in type-authorization procedure

  1. ALCATEL 1641 STM1 (SDH add-drop multiplexer)
    • Long haul (with long distance aggregate)
    • Short houl (with shor distance aggregate)
  2. ALCATEL FOX (optical connection unit of access network)
  3. ALCATEL 1651 STM4 (SDH add-drop multiplexer)
    • Long haul (with long distance aggregate)
    • Short houl (with shor distance aggregate)
  4. ALCATEL 1521FL 4x2Mb/s optical multiplexer
  5. ALCATEL 1512PL HDSL unit
    • With regenerator
    • Without regenerator
  6. ALCATEL 1510 2Mb/s-os multiplexer with DEPI protocol
  7. ALCATEL Voice Mail System
  8. Authorization of outdoor cabinet
  9. OPTINEX products
  10. OPTINEX 1696 Metro Span
  11. OPTINEX 1670 SM

Digital courses


New subjects H323, DIP.

Planning domains

  • Planning and making of integrated video, data and sound networks
  • Planning and making of long distance networks (WAN)
  • Integration of heterogen network environment
  • System supervision and maintenance
  • Planning and making of transmission techique for e-mail and data exchange systems
  • Planning and making of network management systems
  • Forming of networks security system

  • Measurement technique

    • ACTERNA-TEAC technical cooperation at TCP/IP, LAN measuring gauges
    • ontrolling measurement and superviseing system with the ACTERNA Company

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